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Mom's and Daughter's
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share their precious time in the family suite


Up to a party of three in our Buddha Suite 


~ One hour of being together ~

Mini Massage & Mini Facial

$168 for two


~ You are special ~ I am special ~

Sugar Smoothie Scrub Massage& Mummy Wrap & Hydra Facial

incl. shower under the duett rain shower

$292 for two


~ Fusion Facials ~

With delicious flavors such as MATCHA, CHOCOLATE, VANILLA and MIXED BERRY combined with the potent benefits of the exclusive, world-renown Repêchage Laminaria digitata seaweed complex, this fun, relaxing facial treatment provides real nutritive benefits to the skin while stimulating the senses with wonderful aromas. Combined with a soothing ten minute facial massage, this fun treatment will relax and restore even the youngest of clients!

$ 188 for two 


~ Little Buddies ~

Scrub diy - Massage with hot stones ~ Mermaid Wrap - 

Refreshing face mask

Morsels and Refreshments

$488 for two